Reinventing the wheel

One central focus of my phd thesis relates to software version controlling systems. To gain better understanding of how modern version control systems work, I decided to start a project just to imitate git, which is the mode prominent version control system in the industry.

As it turns out, I see this is a very good way to learn the basics of computer software engineering, touching multiple important concepts.

The development path will follow James Coglan’s building git. This is a really good book and I encourage to grab a copy anyone who are intrested in rebuilding git. The main difference with this book is the language. I will be using Rust lang, which is lower level compared to Ruby which the aforementioned book is based on. Other then

This will be a series of notes worth noting when proceeding this journey, the intention is not to reinvent the book, but to shed light when working with a different language like Rust.