duck funding 2.0

Rubber Duckie

As a device for Oceanography research

Rubber duck(wikipedia)

Rubber duck Race

participants fund raising process: $1 million/year @ Cincinnati Ohio

-> but it’s just a gambling scheme

unusual currencies



monetary incentives by walking

Basic Attention Token

being used in brave browser

#+BEIGN_QUOTE Your attention is valuable. Earn by viewing privacy-respecting ads and pay it forward to support content creators you love. #+END_QUOTE

duckies as exchangable tokens

for local fund raising, in the same time locational collectional data.

virtual?? physical for local rivers and streams??

tie it to local micro currencies

Hook a duck each other

users define nets to catch each other, recieves duckpoints which are exchangable to more ducks

like Tamagocchi

make families

fight with other duckies

Zamarin garbage truck