bikes and planning

analysis -> planning

Analysis and Planning

  • Will different process of knowing lead to different outcomes of Planning?

  • Is Analysis independant to Planning? If dependant, which depends on which?

  • What was the traditional analysis process and it’s relationship with the current planning schema?

  • Is the Analysis process same accross countries?

side note: Discriminator


taken from: Google’s machine learning cource on GANS

Clustering data vis

what is different without the premesis of having labeling?

-> forces the human to think -> useful for anthorpological(?) human servey

Next steps?

  1. upgrade the Termite Sensors, blindly add more sensors?

  2. RNN and Clustering-Clustering

RNN Anormaly detection

predicting the next behavior which we don’t know

bumps. accidents?

Is is only for knowing the user?

\[ \ Clustering^n \]

Preciecely speaking, it is way too early to say we know the user’s behaviour by clustering one trip. There should be a accumulation process to collect data points, and see reaccurring patterns.

\[ \ C(C(C(X))) \]

Where X is the set of datapoints achieved by the data collection. Where we recusively cluster depending on the centroids of each previous clustering process.

this way, we can abstract behaviours into higher level categories without human assumption.