mirage city workshop

Kaishi (海市) Workshop

  • 1992 exhibit in ICC, Tokyo
  • directed by Arata Isozaki


Workshop program

  1. shuffle seats.

  2. Ice Breaker (1min x 5)

    • where is your favorite place to hang around, except your house / school?
  3. Given the lecture, sketch your *version* of the city. (15min)

    • Where do people live/work?

      • Are they mixed uage? (= fewer commute time)
    • Where are the places to play?

    • Is it a rich/poor district, do we want to separate it??

    • where is your favorite place in Japan/Canada

      • How does it look like from above?
      • How whould you improve it?
    • What kind of mode of mobility is used?

      • Public transit

        • Bullet trains? (新幹線)
      • Cars

        • Private Cars?
        • Uber? Car sharing?
        • Autonomous Cars?
      • Bikes, bicycle, e-kickboards, scooters?

      • Pedistrian?

      • Boats? Aviation?

      • Be descriptive!

  4. sign your initial, swap your sheet of with your peers (5min)

  5. Do 2. again. Overwrite anything you like (15min)

    – Plan A –

  6. Present your sheet to your other team members (3min x 5)

  7. Vote on each others plans (5min)

  8. Present the teams best idea to the next team. (5min x 2)

  9. Vote between two plans (5min)

  10. … Repeat untill we converge into one

    – Plan B –

    keep 2-4 loop


workshop activity sheet

color pencils



stick glue